Do You Think Your Spouse is Cheating? Try These Tips


With so many apps out there that help a spouse cheat like Snap Chat, Whats App, instagram, twitter and the list goes on and on and there just isn’t  enough apps out there for us who want to spy to find out for free. I’m not an expert by no means on this topic, but I will share a few ways that I have caught a spouse cheating in the past. 

Sometimes we just get that gut feeling that tells us hey! something does not seem right here. That’s when we kick into FBI mode and start snooping around. There are so many ways for one to cheat now days thanks to technology. 

Now onto my tips.

1. Make you a fake email address to use on social sites or to even email your own spouse as someone else. 

2. Check his emails if you know the password. Sometimes this one is hard to do because most cheating spouses will make a new email address. But if they didn’t make sure you check the spam and trash bin. Some email accounts will even let you restore some of the emails that have been deleted for good. 

3. If your spouse is on a social media sites, make a fake profile, add many photos of the same person, build up your profile before adding your spouse. This one takes some time and some of us have to know right away.

4. Does he have an Android phone? Do you know his play store account? Download Android Lost on his phone and hide the icon. You will need to know his gmail account and password used for the play store. This is not a spying app, but app that is to help you find your phone if lost or stolen, but the best thing about this is you can see up to their 50 last messages, 50 last calls and if they use the stock Android browser you can even see the web history. You can even check the GPS location, record sound and even snap a photo. The only catch the phone has to be on data or Wifi. But if there not on Wifi or Data when you check it will send it to Android lost as soon as they are. 

5. Here is a list of other Android apps you might want to try.
1. Photo, Voice, GPS, SMS Tracker
2. PhoneLeash: SMS/MMS forwarding
3. Spy Dialer
4. Family Locator
5. SMS Shadow Phone Tracker
6. PhoneX Server
7. Couple Tracker – Phone monitor

6. There are also a lot of free texting apps out there. Have your tried to use a text app to text your spouse phone? Or what about when you have the fake profile and hooked the bate and he asks can I text you? What now? You are going to need a fake number.  Below is a list of free text apps. Note- Make sure you check the app settings for the signature. Most apps will have the signature set to sent from—–name of app. You can delete this or set up your own signature. 

1. Text Now —  You can also get this app on your Windows 8-10 PC. 
2. Text Free SMS Texting MMS App
3. textPlus Free Text + Calls 
4. Pinger

7. Apps to be aware of and check on your spouse’s phone. (Tips: Even check his Google Play Download App History)
1. Snap Chat
2. Kik
3. Whats App
4. Line
5. Or any of those video chats like Google Hangouts, Viber and Skype.
6. Even any of the free texting apps, they could be using those to cheat to. I have had that happen in the past. 

8. Also check any of those game apps. Especially those facebook game apps. A lot of these games come with chat and private messages like Trivia Crack, Yahtzee with buddies,  Mini Golf, UNO and Friends and so on for examples. 

9. Gmail is most peoples go to email. With google comes many things and traces. Again you must know the email password. Check Google+, Check the hangouts chat, check Googles settings then history on the google home page while logged in with your spouse email address to see things they may have searched on google. Most of the new androids come with Google Photo Album as the stock photo album. Set the album to back up his photos. If done right you might catch some photos that should not be on his phone if he is cheating. Check their google drive. Check it all.


10. Check his contacts. Some men will use fake names or a family members name to throw you off. Check the number and see if it’s one you may or may not know. If your not sure, try to run the number through google and or facebook and see who it brings up. 

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11. Most important thing of all is to always stay calm and collective while you are in FBI Mode until he is proven guilty. Gather your thoughts and your words before you confront him. 

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