3 types of hackers[Explained]

Who is White Hat,Black hat and Grey Hat hackers?

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                                                                                       Hola….folks,you get enthusiastic when you see the word so called Hacker.Generally what is an hacker? let me give you a clear explanation in this post.                                               ” A person having the intimate understanding of the internal working of system ,computers and computer networks called hacker.Hacker can break any security and By-pass to any system.”
                                           People thought that hacker means a bad person ,who can misuse there personnel data but not all hackers are inherently bad.The hacker can be anyone ,to be a hacker we need lots of knowledge.Guys………Hacking is not an illegal activity unless the hacker authenticate  system without the knowledge of owner.Indeed most companies and governments agencies employ hackers to secure there system in high level.
                                           The hackers are categorized by the type of metaphorical hats like white hat,black hat and grey hat.This concept was comes form spaghetti westerns,where the good guy wears an white hat and bad guy wears black hat.In hacker there types are determine by their motivation and whether or not they break the law.
                                          For hacking a system or to by pass any security the hackers use hacking code this results to security issue  and there are lots of hacking website availabe in the internet .This kind of website teach a person how to hack computer?from basics to high level hacking technique.This guys are known as black hat hacker.

White Hat Hacker:

This hackers use their knowledge only for good things not for the evil.They also called as ethical hacker ,the white hat hacker is an security specialist . They are the employee of government organization and some companies  for their security ,they are paid for their work.       
                                                     White hat hacker job is to find the security holes via hacking,they use the same hacking method like black hat hacker but the difference is white hat hacker done this through the permission of owner so that the process is completely legal.White hat hacker perform penetration testing and vulnerability assessments for companies.There are many course,training ,conferences and certification for ethical hacking.

Job Requirement:
                                               The most wanted certificate is CEH which means Certified Ethical Hacking  form EC-council and the CEH certificate holder are highly demand by an government industries.
                                         The salary paid for each white hacker is $15000 to $40000 by the EC-council and the average salary of an ethical hacker  is $70000 according to pay scale.
                                           Ec-council check the ability of the ethical hacker by their skill like DDos attack,Malware spreading,SQL injection,spoofing,metaphor and CCTV hacking.And this council provide training for the newly joined hackers,they should have the ability of windows and Linux administration.                                            It is recommended that the employee should do this hacking technique  only for legal purpose and do not in love on unethical hacking.
                                             The SANS GIAC are the additional certificate to get an job,the person who starts with GIAC’s Security Administration certs,beginning with the GSEC,might find themselves a better one  and deep security curriculum.The GIAC Penetration Tester  ,GIAC Exploit Researcher and  Advanced Penetration Tester(GXPN) are the noteworthy for  aspiring white hat hackers.

                               The white hat hackers are reformed black hackers,like former convicts who take on work as store security guards.They are unethical hacker in past but because of some situation they become ethical hacker .
                              This hackers are appreciated by offering them a good amount of salary.Salary for the ethical hackers are surprise most of a normal person but this is the power of an ethical hacker.                  
                                        To be a white hat hacker they need security related IT certificate from a institute this will help a candidate to have an opportunities to employee in organization under security group. 
                                         White hat hackers makes the security higher by continuously checking the vulnerability of software’s and hardware and fix this vulnerabilities by announcing this issue to the top level organization.

Black Hat Hacker:

                                                                                                       Like all hackers black hat hackers  have extensive knowledge about breaking security and by-pass to system.They also create malware which is a method for access to the system.
                                                  This web hacker use their computer hacking technique for personal or financial gain and also involved in cyber espionage ,they are just addicted to the thrill of cyber crime.Most of the black hat hacker generates malware and spread malware through the network to steal the financial information,personal data,login details.They also modify and destroy the data easily.
                                                 They are marked as criminals like the white hat hackers they perform many hacking technique .They use the vulnerabilities of a system to steal the data or delete it.
                                             One of the dangerous attack done by the hacker is called ransomware attack.They spread Wanna Cry virus which affect almost 130 countries and 300000 of computers.To remove this virus hacker ask for the payment form the user.
                                             The Wanna Cry virus Block access of the user until they pay for it but it’s no guaranteed that the lock get release.Many computer got infected so that most of the system put shutdown  or there internet access is denied.

Grey Hat Hacker:  Grey hat hacker are moderate hackers which means neither a black or white hacker.Mostly they look for vulnerabilities in a system without the owners knowledge.When issues are found they inform to owner and request some fee.If the owner doesn’t respond or comply,then they will post newly found exploit online for the world to see.
                                                These type of hackers are not inherently malicious with their intention,they just looking out for their discoveries.Usually,grey hat hackers will not exploit the found vulnerabilities.However,this type of hacking is illegal because the hacker did not receive any kind of permission form the owner for attempting to attack the system.
                                                 This hacker are middle categories of both type,they sell or disclose their zero-day vulnerabilities not to criminals,but to governments-law enforcement agencies,intelligence agencies or military
                                               The government then checks the security holes which can be hack then the hole get fixed by the experts in the government .Gray hat hacker are the individual hackers or  researchers who uncover flaws on their own,defense contractor who have hacking divisions tasked specifically with uncovering the flaws for government to use .
                                             Most of the hacker are the Grey hat hackers this is because of selling to parties that will presumably use the vulnerabilities responsibility for the public good.They just find the security hole of the system and submit to the organization get pay for that.

                                                There are many kinds of hacking methods are available depends upon the vulnerabilities(security) of the system.Most of you know about wifi hacking and this hacking made succeed when there is an security issues(wps available).From my upcoming post we will discuss about hacking and you will get more fun because you can learn hack by the Blogbitz.

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