INFIDELITY- How a hacker saved my friend’s marriage.

Hacking isn’t all bad after all! What often comes to mind when you hear the work “hacking” is a malicious infiltration into systems, server, clouds and many more. Often at times, we do not understand how hackers work and we can mistaken them for the bad guy who is behind a computer, coding and stealing personal data or information but truth is there are different types of hackers.

Without going into too much details, the three major types of hackers would be as follows: (1). White Hat hacker, (2). Black Hat hacker, and (3). Grey Hat hacker. We have the trio of the good guys, the bad guys, and well, the ones’ that fall in between. There are many reasons why the services of a hacker are needed and why you might want to consider using the services of a hacker.

How a Hacker helped save my marriage

This is a story of Lisa, she contacted hackerspro, a private Investigation firm that has helped many people with cases of infidelity using technology and hacking tools to investigate a cheating partner. By relying on advanced technology and hacking tools, the services offered by them does not follow the conventional approach of trailing your partner, taking photos like you see in the movies.

Lisa had been married to her husband, Richard for about 15 years. She contacted a Private Investigator on h4ckerspro when she noticed that her husband became uncomfortable receiving “business calls” around her

If you experience this with your partner, do not ignore the signs. These are red flags! 

Just like anyone would, Lisa was very worried and got the help she needed by hacking her husbands phone to gain access to calls, sms, multimedia files and WhatsApp chat!

I wanted to know more about Lisa’s story and I contacted thehackerspro to shed more light on the process so I can share…


Phone Hacking- Thehackerspro

A phone hack is a very advanced form of hacking and employs a different approach based on the phone type. It requires the skills and expertise of an experienced hacker. At h4ckerspro, given our many years of experience in uncovering cases of infidelity and many more intelligence work, we have come in contact and have some of the best hackers in remote locations all over the world. They are proven and trusted. We have nondisclosure terms and conditions signed and a process that ensures that the work is done before full payment is made.

Helping Lisa hack her husbands phone took less than 48 hours. Her husband had been faithful for most part of their marriage until his new secretary turned out to be someone he always had a crush on. Richard thought he could handle the situation and that was when the affair started… Lisa had no clue that her husband had been texting with the new secretary under the guise of work and on WhatsApp. At the time the hack was done, they were already planning vacations together!

The phone hack was done, giving Lisa remote access to her husbands phone. She could monitor live and in real time from a remote dashboard on her computer. Lisa had access to the call logs, text messages, WhatsApp chat and there was a lot for her to read in there. She was heartbroken and devastated. She cried and it took a minute to console her. We gave her some professional advice and counselling. Luckily for her, she found out before anything happened.

It was a flirt that started and was going to end, so bad for Richard at his work and his marriage. Lisa had to confront her husband and told him to his face. “I know you have been texting with your secretary, this is not what you would want at this stage of our marriage.” When you tell someone the truth just the way it is and with hard evidence, you would like to see the reaction on their face”. Richard knew he fucked up!

The secretary was fired, and this saved Lisa’s marriage. I am sure they would be able to sit down and have a look into their 15 years of marriage to know how they can work things out, know where there might be shortcomings and work hand in hand to make it work. I believe that is what every relationship is about.

Whatsapp hacking

Whatsapp is also a very common means of communication and as such many people talk daily. You will be wondering who your partner has been spending those extra times online texting especially when the signs show clearly that it is not work./

Here are some Frequently asked questions

What is required for phone hacking?

To hack a phone using H4ckerspro, all that is required is the phone number or IMEI in question. The process is 100% guaranteed and has been used by many people around the world. We have helped clients from Germany, Australia, US, Canada, and Asia. It doesn’t matter where the phone is located, we have elite hackers who would take on the job and deliver within a time frame usually within 48 hours.

Will I need to have physical access to the phone?

The answer is NO. You do not need any physical access to the phone once you know the phone number or the IMEI as mentioned above. The whole process is done remotely, and you will be monitoring from a custom-built software on a personalized easy to use dashboard from your computer or smart phone.

How is payment made?

There are various methods of payment but the fastest is bitcoins. You can get bitcoins on Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that allows for fast and secured payment across the world and enables anonymity due to the sensitive nature of our work and many clients prefer this.

What will I have access to when the job is completed?

You will have access to calls, sms, multimedia files, logged in apps, and that includes WhatsApp and other logged in messengers, GPS remote tracking and some other advanced features would include remote control, mic control and ambient listening.

How long will I have access to the phone?

You will have access to the phone for as long as you want, and it can be deactivated whenever you want.

Steps to take when you discover your partner is cheating

1. Engage the services of a hacker and get concrete evidences

2. Plan your communication strategy and confront the cheating partner

3. Decide if you want to re-establish trust with the cheating partner

4. If the discovery takes a negative toil on you, you might consider seeking the help of a counsellor.


With respect to relationships, hacking gives you a sense of security and many relationships have benefited from our hacking services. Lisa’s story is just one of the many hacks we have done for people around the globe. Drawing from Lisa’s story, it is safe to conclude that hacking isn’t all bad after all. For more information, contact

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  1. the thing for me going down this lane is that it never stops and you have to constantly want to check and infiltrate the other partys phone. i feel some things are just best left unknown

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